Terms Of Service

1. Introduction

  1. All items and additionally benefits identifying with the games (on the whole “Administrations”) gave to you and presented by Fly Rummy as well as its offshoots, auxiliaries, partners, and accomplices (hereinafter alluded to as “We” or “Us” or “Fly Rummy” or “Our”) through the site www.flyrummy.in (hereinafter alluded to as the site”) is dependent upon these Terms of Service (hereinafter alluded to as the “Terms”).
  3. On the off chance that any of these not really settled to be unlawful, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable under any condition by any legal or semi legal body in India, it won’t influence the legitimacy and enforceability of the leftover Terms. Any unlawful, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable Term will be supplanted with another Term that is legitimate and enforceable and most almost offers impact to the first purpose of the invalid/unenforceable Term.
  4. On the off chance that “You” don’t consent to the accompanying Terms or any future changes or adjustments to these Terms, “You” may stop utilization of the site and any Services presented by it.
  5. In the event that a contest or competition is coordinated by “Us” on the site, it will be represented by these Terms and any beneficial agreements which might be explicitly applied for a rivalry or competition.

By enrolling, “You” are considered to have acknowledged and seen every one of the Terms. “We” suggest that “You” print out (or save to document) all exchange records, rules of play, retraction strategies, Bonus Policy and pay-out approaches.

2. User Account Opening – Account Operation – Password Sharing

  1. “You” may just have one Account, and your Account is to be utilized exclusively by you. “You” embrace that all the data given by you at the hour of opening the Account, or given by you accordingly upon demand by the Company, is valid, finished and right. “You” further attempt to keep all such data which has been given by you modern consistently, by rolling out important improvements or hinting the Company when such subtleties change. “You” attempt to give confirmation identifying with any such data, including duplicates of records, for example, your PAN card, or address and personality verification, upon demand by the Company. “You” comprehend that the Company might find ways to check any such data gave by “You”. “Your” proceeded with utilization of the Services, including however not restricted to your capacity to make Cash Credits and Cash Withdrawals, is dependent upon the Company’s proceeded with fulfillment that all such subtleties given by you are valid, finished and right.
  2. “You” are restricted from utilizing the Services through an Account enrolled for the sake of some other person.
  3. Should you endeavor to open more than one Account, under your own name or under some other name, or should you endeavor to utilize the help through some other individual’s record, we will be qualified for close the entirety of your Accounts and bar you from getting to or utilizing the Services in the future without notice.
  4. “You” will not share the secret phrase to your Account, or some other private or delicate data related with your record, with some other person. The Company isn’t dependable if your record is gotten to by others utilizing your secret word or other classified subtleties or data.

3. Technical Failures

“You” may confront Service disturbances, including, however not restricted to separation or correspondence impedances because of issues in the web foundation utilized for giving or getting to the Services or because of issues with the equipment and programming utilized by you. “You” comprehend that Fly Rummy has no influence over these components. Fly Rummy will not be liable for any break in Services and you assume full liability for any danger of misfortune because of Service interferences for any such explanation.

4. Content and Software

  1. Fly Rummy will be the proprietor or approved client of all substance and material on the site including yet not restricted to data, pictures, marks, logos, mixed media cuts, movement, games and programming (aggregately alluded to as “Content, other than close to home data of clients posted by them to profit of the Services. “).Content posted by Fly Rummy might be secured by relevant protected innovation laws.
  2. Fly Rummy is the proprietor or approved client of all product programs framing part of the site. “You” recognize that you may just utilize the site to benefit of the Services and not intended for any business purposes or for “Your” benefit (other than through the Services). Arrangement of the Services will not be considered to give you a permit to utilize the product installed in the site for any reason other than to benefit of the Services. “You” will not reserve any option to figure out, dismantle, decompile, use for purposes detached with the Services or in any case meddle with the working of such programming.
  3. “You” will not endeavor to “hack” into the site or get admittance to the source code of the product or to any connections in the site that are not intended to be gotten to by “You” in the normal course of “Your” utilization of the Services.
  4. In the occasion it is found by “Us” that endeavors to figure out, dismantle, decompile or hack into the site have been made by “You”, “You” will be obligated to be indicted by Fly Rummy under the appropriate laws.

5. Product Offering

Rivalries and competitions coordinated by “Us” on the site might be of a few kinds including Cash Tournaments, Promotional Tournaments, and Practice Tournaments.

A. Practice Games:

  1. Practice Tournaments are led to acquaint players with different games and rules of competition play.
  2. “You” comprehend and concur that on the off chance that “You” win a Practice competition, “You” don’t get any real prizes or money.
  3. “You” may not consider Fly Rummy answerable for not having the option to play a competition for which “You” might be qualified. This incorporates yet isn’t restricted to circumstances where “You” can’t sign into “Your” account, because of “Your” account being under approval or “You” being disregarding any Terms or there being any interruption from your network access supplier.

B. Promotional Tournaments:

  1. The Promotional Tournaments coordinated on the site will be either allowed to join or may expect “You” to utilize “Your” limited time chips that “You” amass while playing Promotional Tournaments.
  2. The chips that “You” win in a Promotional Tournament must be used by reclaiming them for gifts and prizes that are presented by Fly Rummy at its circumspection.
  3. The chips won in Promotional Tournaments can’t be recovered for cash.
  4. The subtleties of Promotional Tournaments might fluctuate now and again and Fly Rummy will put forth its best attempts to distribute this data on the site and furthermore illuminate the important players through email, or different method for correspondence however doesn’t ensure something similar.
  5. “You” may not consider Fly Rummy answerable for not having the option to play a competition for which “You” might be qualified. This incorporates yet isn’t restricted to circumstances where “You” can’t sign into “Your” account, because of “Your” account being under approval or “You” being disregarding any Terms or there being any disturbance from your network access supplier.

C. Cash Tournaments:

  1. A few competitions might expect “You” to pay a Buy In or passage charge, as portrayed in the particular strengthening agreements, which administer those competitions. The measure of Buy In or section charge might contrast from one competition to another at the sole attentiveness of Fly Rummy.
  2. Any material duty, demand or cess for any prize which “You” may win will be borne by “You”.
  3. “We” claim all authority to hold any sum from prizes or gifts as “We” might be needed to settle as expense, as needed by the relevant laws of India.
  4. “Your” cooperation in competitions and games made accessible on the site which expect “You” to pay “BuyIn” or section charges is dependent upon the extra after agreements:
  5. “You” should be 18 years old or above to take an interest in paid games, competitions and contests presented on Fly Rummy and should honestly express “Your” age while enlisting with “Us”. “We” totally disallow minors or those underage from partaking in any of the games, competitions and rivalry. “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to request evidence old enough from “You” and suspend “Your” account until acceptable documentation is given. Ought to “We” have motivation to accept that “You” are under 18 years old, “You” won’t be permitted to take an interest in any paid games, competitions and contests and your record will be deactivated.
  6. All exchanges for cash competitions and games will be determined in Indian rupees.
  7. Once “You” register on “Our” site, “We” will keep a record for “You” to track every one of “Your” exchanges with “Us”. Installment of BuyIn/section charges for any game/competition must be made through “Your” account. All monetary rewards won by “You” are credited by “Us” into “Your” account.
  8. “We” may indicate most extreme and least cutoff points in the admiration of the measure of cash that you might be needed to buy in “Your” represent the motivation behind paying BuyIn/passage charges as recommended to partake in real money competitions.

When making an installment, you are encouraged to guarantee that the instrument used to make the installment is “Your” own and is utilized to add cash in “Your” cash account. “You” may not:

  1. Utilize any installment instrument that “You” are not approved to use, to execute on Fly Rummy.
  2. Utilize Your installment instrument to execute on Fly Rummy utilizing a record which doesn’t have a place with You.


  • In case of any infringement of the abovementioned, “We” maintain all authority to completely research the matter, if fundamental report the make a difference to suitable specialists, and close “Your” account quickly. “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to hold the assets in “Your” account without applying them for the reason for which they are paid, until “We” have reasonably recognized the wellspring of installment and affirmed that the installment has been legitimately made or with due approval.
  • At the point when “You” make an installment on the site utilizing any of the accessible methods of installment, “Your” installment is prepared by an outsider installment entryway and any data entered by “You” in such manner on such passage isn’t noticeable to “Us”.
  • “You” comprehend and concur that “We” reserve the option to drop an exchange anytime of time exclusively as indicated by “Our” circumspection, without allocating any reasons. If “You” have made any installment for which “You” have gotten no advantage, the exchange will be turned around and the cash would be attributed back to “Your” installment instrument.
  • “You” likewise comprehend and concur that an installment made through any method of installment accessible on the site might be dismissed by the installment passage for reasons free from “Our” own. “You” recognize and concur that Fly Rummy isn’t at risk for any such non-handling or dismissal of the installment for reasons not owing to or outside the ability to control of Fly Rummy.
  • Fly Rummy guarantees “You” that any cash held in “Your” account with “Us” paid by “You” or which might have gathered to “You” under these Terms is held in the idea of a trust with “Us” and will be used with the end goal of the Services or transmitted to “You”, as the case might be at the appointed time. “You” recognize and concur that the monies stored/paid by “You” in “Your” account will not accumulate interest.
  • Fly Rummy exhorts “You” to play mindfully on the site. Fly Rummy may consequently, every once in a while, place limitations on the measure of cash “You” can add to “Your” Fly Rummy record, which “You” can spend as passage charge in different competitions and games facilitated on the site.
  • “You” recognize, comprehend, and concur that “Your” support in the different competitions and games accessible on the site will be liable to conditions in regards to acquisition of chips and that “You” will neither debate nor question something very similar. Note that you can purchase at least 25 money chips and a limit of 10000 money chips utilizing our accessible installment choices. This upper and lower limit for cash chips perhaps adjusted by Fly Rummy whenever without giving an earlier notification for the equivalent.
  • “You” can decide to leave the table from a money competition by tapping on “Leave the Table” before enlistment for that competition closes, and in such case “Your” entrance charge will be attributed back to “Your” account. When enlistment for a competition shuts, no discount is conceivable and “You” will not request something very similar.
  • “You” comprehend and concur that once “You” join a competition, the passage charge for that competition will be charged from “Your” Fly Rummy money account as a legitimate installment for “Your” interest in that cash competition. In the event that “You” in this way decide to reclaim from the money competition before enrollment close time, the section charge will be attributed back to “Your” Fly Rummy money account.

Any monetary reward won by “You” will be credited to “Your” Fly Rummy record. “You” concur that all Cash Withdrawal’s “You” make are administered by the accompanying conditions:

  • “You” can decide to recover cash from “Your” account whenever subject to reward Cash Withdrawal’s limitations, as referenced in the future and tell “Us” of the equivalent. Once informed, “We” may dispense the predefined sum with a money order or electronic exchange dependent on the method of Cash Withdrawal’s chosen by “You”. “We” will make “Our” earnest attempts to respect “Your” decision on the method of Cash Withdrawal’s, however maintain all authority to dispense the predetermined sum to “You” using any and all means as might be dictated by “Us”.

  • “You” can decide to recover cash from “Your” account whenever subject to reward Cash Withdrawal’s limitations, as referenced in the future and tell “Us” of the equivalent. Once informed, “We” may dispense the predefined sum with a money order or electronic exchange dependent on the method of Cash Withdrawal’s chosen by “You”. “We” will make “Our” earnest attempts to respect “Your” decision on the method of Cash Withdrawal’s, however maintain all authority to dispense the predetermined sum to “You” using any and all means as might be dictated by “Us”.
  • “You” can make two free Cash Withdrawal’s in a schedule month. Any ensuing/extra Cash Withdrawal’s solicitations around the same time will draw in material preparing and administration charges/charge which will be deducted from “Your” account. If “You” don’t have a sufficient sum in “Your” record to pay the handling charge, “Your” Cash Withdrawal’s won’t be prepared around then. “You” are allowed to demand a money out in the ensuing month, which won’t be charged given it is inside your free Cash Withdrawal’s cutoff.
  • “Your” enlistment subtleties including “Your” name, utilizing which “You” have enrolled on the site, should compare with the name and different subtleties on “Your” monetary instrument utilized on the installment framework. In case this isn’t the situation, “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to confirm “Your” subtleties to guarantee that the monetary instrument utilized for the exchanges isn’t being abused. In such manner:
  • “We” may confirm “Your” ID subtleties and age from time and time.
  • Anytime of time in “Our” exchanges with “You”, in the event that “We” distinguish or have sensible reason to presume that “You” might be engaged with personality misrepresentation, “We” may retain the buy in “Your” record and bar “You” from additional cooperation in any competition accessible on Fly Rummy without bias to some other lawful response “We” may have separated from telling the significant administrative or law implementation specialists where proper.
  • “Your” support in competitions or games made accessible on the site and any prize(s) “You” may win in such competitions/games connotes that “You” concur and agree to the accompanying:
  • “Your” enlistment on the site is limited to a solitary client account, which will be utilized by “You” to profit of the Services gave on the site.
  • “You” are restricted from making or utilizing different client IDs for enrolling on the site. On the off chance that “We” have motivation to accept that “You” have made different client IDs, “We” claim all authority to suspend “Your” account(s) until “We” have examined the matter and have gotten satisfactory supporting records from “You”. “We” claim all authority to close every one of the extra records made by “You” and move all adjusts into the record initially opened by “You”. What’s more, “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to request check reports from “You”.
  • “You” embrace to partake in the games/competitions as a singular player.
  • Arrangement of groups and conspiracy among “You” and some other user(s) for taking part in games/competitions coordinated on the site is explicitly illegal and will bring about “Us” dropping the important records and suspending admittance to the Services for all clients, who are individuals from such groups or have participated in such agreement. By tolerating the Terms, “You” concur that “You” won’t play the games in association or by shaping a group or by speaking with different players which might give unnecessary advantage to “You” or different players. On the off chance that “You” are observed to be engaged with such exercises, “We” maintain all authority to retain every one of the assets in “Your” record and make examinations to find out the degree of excessive advantage determined by “You” and such others and to drop and close “Your” account with no correspondence to “You”.
  • “You” embrace that “You” yourself will play in all games/competitions in which “You” have enrolled, and not utilize any product programs, bots, gadgets or some other type of outer help to play. Any endeavor to utilize any such outer help will bring about “You” being suspended from additional investment, scratch-off of “Your” enlistment with “Us”, and conceivable relinquishment of “Your” cash balance.
  • “You” concur and recognize that “We” will make all strides important to decide if “Your” support is as per the Terms set down thus. “We” may suspend “You” from support in any game/competition coordinated by “Us”, suspend “Your” account, deny “Your” admittance to the site and retain any prizes that “You” may have won, ought to “We” have sensible grounds to presume that: “You” have enjoyed any false action; or have enrolled or have benefited of the Services given on the site utilizing numerous client IDs or you have penetrated any of the Terms.
  • In case of a conflict or question among “You” and some other user(s) in a game, “Our” choice will be conclusive and restricting on you and the other user(s). Subject to passage VII beneath, to be qualified to win a prize, “You” should be an inhabitant of India and “You” more likely than not got to the Services and the site from India.
  • In the event that “You” are a prize champ, inhabitant in India and truly present in India while getting to the administrations of Fly Rummy yet not an Indian resident, “We” will transmit “Your” rewards in Indian Rupees to the location gave by “You” for playing cash competitions gave the location is inside India. There might be, in such occasions, defers which “You” may discover unnecessary. “You”, nonetheless, concur and recognize that such postponements may not be inside “Our” control and that “You” will sit tight for us to acquire essential clearances and authorizations for such settlements.
  • Any prize “You” win, builds exclusively to “You” and won’t be relegated or moved to any outsider by “Us”.
  • On the off chance that “You” are not an inhabitant of India or don’t get to the site from India, “You” are disallowed from taking part in real money or limited time competitions on Fly Rummy. “Your” investment in such competitions will be considered to be disregarding these Terms. Thusly, “You” won’t be qualified for get any prize that “You” may win in such competitions. “We” will reserve the option to completely examine the matter, report the make a difference to proper specialists, and to make a suitable lawful move.
  • In the event that any prize is given over to you as a check and the check isn’t encashed inside the legitimacy time of the check, “We” will consider the check to have been lost. Any solicitation for re-iss

6. Bonus Policy

Fly Rummy offers its enlisted players with various sorts of reward. These extra Chips are gotten/delivered/encashed dependent on the accompanying Terms and conditions:

  1. A client must be enrolled Player on our site.
  2. “You” need to satisfy all agreements for the specific reward offer.
  3. Endless supply of the common Terms and Conditions – the Fly Rummy Bonus or Reload Bonus will be stored in “Your” account under the part Bonus.
  4. hese Bonus Chips will be delivered when certain measure of Real Chips are bet.
  5. When the Bonus chips are delivered they will be added to your Real Chips.
  6. The Real chips will be accessible for additional betting or withdrawal according to your decision.

Beneath given is the table that clarifies how the Bonus/Reload Bonus Release works:

Payment of Bonus: The Bonus will be dispensed in 4 bits. For example, in the event that you buy Rs 500, you are qualified for a Bonus of Rs 500. You will get Rs 125 as your first part whenever you have played a total measure of Rs 500, for example multiple times the primary piece of the Bonus. When you play for another Rs 500, we will acknowledge another Rs 125 as reward in your withdrawal balance, etc, till a limit of Rs 500 Welcome Bonus has been credited.

Service Charge and Service Tax:

“We” presently demand an assistance charge of 15% on the BuyIn/section expenses paid by “You” for taking part in real money games/competitions accessible on the site.

The assistance charge collected is liable to change every once in a while and “We” will post notification of equivalent to soon as is doable. “We” maintain all authority to demand administration charge at various rates for various money competitions/games coordinated by “Us”.

Also, we might accuse administration assessment of appropriate cesse’s or exacts on “Our” Services to the clients as ordered by material laws in India.

7. Refer A Friend

“You” may welcome a companion, colleague, or some other individual to utilize the Services accessible on the site by tapping the proper connections given in the site. Simply pick “Your” email supplier or informal communication site(s) and welcome “Your” companions to join Fly Rummy. All “Your” own data is kept hidden and isn’t uncovered to anybody.

At the point when “You” welcome “Your” companions or colleagues to buy in to the site through the “Tell a Friend” highlight, Fly Rummy uses outsider sites to import “Your” address book containing the email locations of such companions and associates to which “You” would then be able to decide to send solicitations.

8. Services not offered in Assam, Telangana, Nagaland, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa

  • Appropriate laws in Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa might bring about punishments being forced on players, who access the Services from these states. “We” don’t acknowledge applications from players from those states for taking an interest in any game or contest accessible on the site.
  • “You” acknowledge that “We” don’t assume any liability for “Your” break of any appropriate state laws and “You” are encouraged to learn whether admittance to “Our” Services would bring about infringement of any law material in the state from which “You” access the Services.
  • Ought to “We” come to know or have sensible reason to accept that “You” are taking an interest in any competition accessible on the site, from Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa, or from whatever other state where utilizing the Services might be considered unlawful, “We” claim all authority to promptly and minus any additional notification to “You”, end “Your” account with “Us” and dispatch the whole equilibrium in “Your” account back to “You” after allowance of relevant preparing charges. “You” comprehend and concur that “Our” choice in such manner is conclusive. “You” concur that Fly Rummy will not be liable for any break submitted by you under the relevant laws of the state from where you access/attempt to get to the site.

9. Player Responsibilities

  1. “You” are expected lawfully capable and to take responsibility for the entirety of “Your” exercises on the site from “Your” Log-in record (or client ID).
  2. By survey or utilizing the site or profiting of any Services including multi-player games, or utilizing correspondence administrations including yet not restricted to visit rooms, email administrations or some other ongoing or non-texting office given by the site.
  3. Players recognize that they might be presented to content posted by different clients which they might discover hostile, frightful or foul and that Fly Rummy will be unable to forestall such substance being posted.
  4. Players are mentioned to bring such substance presented by different clients on “Our” notice that they might discover hostile, shocking or profane. Fly Rummy will eliminate or follow up on such data in the way as given in section I (8) above or as it might consider fit.
  5. The choice taken by the administration on this respect will be conclusive and restricting on the Player and the Player explicitly concurs that Fly Rummy won’t cause any responsibility for any reason at all in regards to something similar.
  6. “You” comprehend and concur that “We” don’t assume any liability and won’t be at risk for any outcome that may emerge because of “You” sharing “Your” own data or some other data through “Our” correspondence administrations including however not restricted to game visit, email administrations, or some other constant or non-texting office given by the site.
  7. “You” comprehend that it is “Your” obligation to ensure the data “You” give on the site including however not restricted to usernames, passwords, email addresses, contact subtleties, and phone numbers. “You” explicitly comprehend and concur that “We” won’t cause any obligation for data gave by “You” to anybody which might bring about “Your” account on the site being uncovered or abused by some other individual or some other mischief or misfortune being endured by “You”.
  8. “You” are responsible to agree with any appropriate law, while participating in any contest or competition coordinated through the site. “You” embrace and consent to repay “Us” against any cases, costs or liabilities endured by or asserted against us by any individual or element emerging out of “Your” resistance with any relevant laws.
  9. “You” likewise comprehend and acknowledge that “Your” simple investment in a game/competition accessible on the site doesn’t make any commitment on “Us” to give “You” a prize.
  10. “Your” triumphant a prize is completely reliant upon “Your” expertise as a player opposite different players in the game/competition and subject to the standards of the game/competition. To get more familiar with the guidelines, kindly visit Support area on Fly Rummy. Kindly read the equivalent completely prior to continuing to take an interest in any game/competition accessible on the site.
  11. “You” recognize that “Your” cooperation in any game/competition accessible on the site is simply deliberate and is at “Your” sole attentiveness and hazard.
  12. “You” comprehend and recognize that once a game/competition has started, “Your” not having the option to play because of slow web associations, defective equipment or for some other explanation not inferable from “Us” doesn’t entitle “You” to a discount of the passage expense “You” may have paid for support.
  13. “You” concur, comprehend and recognize that “You” will utilize “Your” account with “Us” exclusively to play on the site and for some other exchanges with “Us” which “You” may need to do as for “Your” use of the Services.
  14. Use or endeavored utilization of “Your” account with “Us” under any circumstance other than as expressed above will bring about quick end of “Your” record and relinquishment of any prize, reward, or equilibrium accumulated to you or in “Your” account. Also, “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to bar “You” from future enrollment or support on the site.
  15. “You” comprehend and recognize the way that “We” are neither a bank nor a monetary foundation and that the buys/balance remaining to the credit in “Your” account don’t collect any premium. “You” likewise comprehend and concur that “Your” account kept up with “Us” is only with the end goal of installment of the section/membership expense to partake in games/competitions made accessible on the site and for acquisition of monetary rewards which “You” may win.
  16. “You” comprehend and concur that “You” can’t move any aggregate from “Your” account with “Us” to the record of another supporter/player/registrant on the site. The Company is committed to deduct charge at source (“TDS”) in the event of rewards of Rs. 10,000/ – or more in a solitary game or Points Rummy Game or a competition, by and large. In such cases, rewards will be credited to your Account in the wake of deducting TDS @ 30%. If it’s not too much trouble, note that you should have a substantial PAN and give your PAN subtleties and evidence thereof quickly upon demand, in orders to empower us to credit such rewards and consider Cash Withdrawals in this regard. These prerequisites and arrangements might be altered every once in a while as per changes to the important duty and different laws.
  17. “You” comprehend that the Internet might be an inconsistent medium and it is conceivable that “You” will most likely be unable to play on the site because of specialized reasons. “You” recognize and concur that Fly Rummy isn’t obligated for any personal time, worker interruptions, slacking, or any specialized unsettling influence during your utilization of the Services.
  18. “You” further comprehend, recognize and consent to the way that on the off chance that “You” can’t play in any paid competition after installment of passage/membership expense or on the other hand if a game or competition can’t be finished because of any mistake or oversight inferable from Fly Rummy, “Your” cure is restricted either to:
  19. A discount of the measure of membership/passage expense, which “You” really paid for investment; or
  20. Free investment in a like worth competition as chosen by Fly Rummy.
  21. “You” comprehend and concur that if a game or competition can’t be finished under any condition other than an explanation owing to Fly Rummy mistake or oversight, Fly Rummy will not be at risk for any case that “You” may have for expected prizes.
  22. “You” recognize that “You” are utilizing the Services with the information that “You” face a danger of money related misfortune, when utilizing the Services and that Fly Rummy will have no obligation to “You” for any such misfortune that emerges over the span of your investment in the Services.
  23. “You” concur that by no means will Fly Rummy be responsible to pay you any sum well beyond the membership/passage expense.

10. Restrictions on Players

  1. “You” will not “”Yourself” or through a third individual or through any computerized program submit any demonstration, inferred or express, which disregards any protected innovation right including copyright and brand name rights in any Content. “You” may not recreate any of the Content on the site without acquiring explicit composed authorization from “Us”. “You” will not post, appropriate, or in any case make accessible or communicate any information, message, message, PC record, or other material that encroaches as well as abuses any right of an outsider or any homegrown or worldwide law, rule, or guideline, including yet not restricted to: (a) copyright, patent, brand name, or other exclusive rights; (b) right of protection (explicitly, “You” should not disseminate someone else’s very own data of any sort without their express authorization) or exposure; (c) any classification commitment.
  2. “You” will not outline the site. “You” will not force article remarks, business material, spontaneous data or messages or any data on the site or change or alter Content on the site, or eliminate, decimate or impede any exclusive notification or names.
  3. “You” will not utilize the Content on the site for business purposes including yet not restricted to use as or in a digital bistro, PC gaming focus, network play over the Internet or through gaming organizations or association with an unapproved worker that duplicates the gaming experience of the site.
  4. “You” will not promote or sell any items, administrations or something else (regardless of whether for benefit), or request others or utilize the gathering of the site for business reasons for any sort.
  5. “You” concur that “You” won’t post or communicate through talk/local area rooms or in any way on the site any disparaging, compromising, revolting, unsafe or obscene material or material which would abuse or encroach in any capacity upon the privileges of others (counting protected innovation rights, privileges of classification, or privileges of security) or cause offense, misery or burden or which don’t consent to every single applicable law.
  6. “You” won’t transfer, disperse, or distribute through the site, content which might contain infections or PC pollutants (as characterized in the Information Technology Act, 2000 in power in India and as might be revised every now and then) which might intrude on, annihilate, or limit the usefulness or disturb any product, equipment, or other hardware having a place with “Us” or that guides in offering the types of assistance presented by Fly Rummy.
  7. “You” will not, through any help or office including any moment or non – texting office given by the site, advance the Services of any outsider including sites which might be offering Types of assistance like Fly Rummy.
  8. “You” will not purposefully upset different clients or conversations by over and again posting a similar message or through unreasonable posts.
  9. “You” may not mimic someone else or client, endeavor to get a secret word, other record data, or other private data from a client, or gather email addresses or other data. In the occasion “We” have sensible grounds to accept that “Your” activities incorporate any of the demonstrations determined above, “We” may start suitable legal actions against “You” just as tell the applicable administrative or law requirement specialists where fitting, aside from suspending or ending “Your” advantages for the utilization of the site.
  10. “You” may not have, catch, imitate or divert exclusive correspondence conventions, assuming any, utilized by the site paying little mind to the technique utilized, including convention copying, picking apart, changing the site or any documents that are essential for the site.
  11. “You” may not add unapproved parts, make or use cheats, takes advantage of, bots, hacks or some other outsider programming intended to adjust the site or utilize any outsider programming that captures, mines or in any case gathers data from or through the site or through any Services. “You” may not transfer or post any substance on the site other that content that you are needed to post or transfer to profit of the Services.
  12. “You” may not buy, sell, exchange, lease, rent, permit, award a security interest in, or move “Your” client account, any Content, cash, focuses, standings, rankings, evaluations, or some other traits showing up in, beginning from or related with the site or by utilizing any Services.


Notwithstanding the option to start proper judicial procedures against “You” just as tell the pertinent administrative or law requirement specialists, “We” maintain all authority to eliminate and erase any shocking material and content from the site.

11. Player Representations

  1. Players are needed to attempt that they won’t permit some other individual to play from their records or utilizing their client name and secret key.
  2. Players are relied upon to comprehend and concur that they are exclusively answerable for all substance posted, sent, transferred or in any case made accessible on the site by them.
  3. Players ensure that they own the protected innovation rights in all such substance.
  4. Every Player explicitly consents to reimburse, save and hold innocuous and shield “Us” (to the degree, everything being equal, and grants, cost of prosecution, distributions, and sensible lawyer’s charges that “We” may bring about in association therewith including any immediate, circuitous or noteworthy misfortunes, any deficiency of benefit and loss of notoriety) from any cases, activities, suits, charges, harms, wounds, reasons for activity, punishments, interest, requests, costs, or potentially grants stated or brought against “Us” by any individual guaranteeing encroachment of their licensed innovation rights by that Player.
  5. By submitting content to the site, every Player consents to give “Us” an eminence free, around the world, non-selective, interminable, and assignable right to utilize, duplicate, replicate, alter, adjust, distribute, alter, decipher, make subordinate works from, communicate, circulate, openly show, and freely perform such Content (other than names, contact data and passwords of Players) and to utilize such Content in any connected promoting materials created by “Us” or “Our” members. Players comprehend that they don’t get any rights, lawful or fair, in any material consolidating the Content.
  6. Every Player announces that he/she will not declare any ethical rights in the Content sometime in the future.
  7. Every Player recognizes that Fly Rummy will not be answerable for the broadcast communications organizations and web access administrations needed for admittance to and utilization of the Services.
  8. Players are exclusively liable for any pertinent charges which might be payable on rewards paid to the Players.
  9. Players concur that the utilization of the Services is at their sole alternative, carefulness and hazard.

12. Account Closing/ Suspension / Termination

  1. “You” are allowed to cease “Your” utilization of the site whenever by suggesting “Us” of “Your” want to do as such by an email shipped off “Us” at flygamestechnologies@gmail.com. In the event that around then, there is a positive equilibrium in “Your” cash account, “We” will pay you the equilibrium by a check or through some other means as might be controlled by “Us” in a convenient way. Further, “We” claim all authority to gather charges, overcharges or expenses caused previously “You” drop “Your” account or a specific membership.
  2. “We” may cease “Your” enlistment with the site, suspend or end “Your” admittance to the Services at “Our” sole prudence whenever without giving “You” earlier notification, if “We” have sensible grounds to accept that “You” are in break of any of the Terms indicated thus.
  3. “You” concur that, subject to relevant law, “You” might be at risk to relinquish any cash lying in “Your” account with “Us” in case of any break of these Terms. Without bias to the previously mentioned realities, “We” may likewise start suitable procedures against “You” as per pertinent laws.
  4. Fly Rummy maintains whatever authority is needed to bar “You” from utilizing the site on the off chance that “We” have sensible ground to accept that “You” have given admittance to “Your” record to somebody other than “”Yourself” or that “You” have made a record to permit somebody other than “”Yourself” to play on the site utilizing the record made.
  5. “We” maintain whatever authority is needed to bar “You” from utilizing the site, on the off chance that “We” have sensible ground to accept that “You” may have deliberately mimicked one more person by giving subtleties which are not “Your” own while enrolling on the site. “We” further claim all authority to start common or potentially criminal procedures against “You” for such pantomime and abuse of one more person’s close to home or monetary data on “Our” site by “You”.
  6. Fly Rummy maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend and additionally end “Your” record or admittance to cash in it for various reasons which Fly Rummy might consider fit, including however not restricted to the accompanying:

a. Where, “We” have motivations to accept that the security of “Your” account has been

penetrated; or

b. “Your” account is being utilized for any unlawful movement or false reason

(counting illegal tax avoidance); or

c. On the off chance that there have been charge-backs on “Your” account; or

d. On the off chance that “We” have motivation to accept “You” are associated with arrangement or cheating of any

kind; or

e .”You” are under 18 years old; or

f. “You” are in a ward that delivers the arrangement of “Our” Services to “You”

or on the other hand “Your” utilization of them unlawful.

7. In the event that “You” give data which isn’t honest supposedly,” “wrong data or cover pertinent data in regards to “Your” address/home, hence disregarding the Terms, or on the off chance that “We” have sensible grounds to accept that “You” have given mistaken data and are playing from areas where playing competitions as accessible on the site isn’t allowed, “We” maintain all authority to quickly and minus any additional notification to “You”, end “Your” account with “Us” and transmit the whole equilibrium in “Your” account back to “You” after derivation of appropriate handling charges.

Fake action will include:

a. utilizing credit card(s), check cards, net-banking usernames, passwords, approval codes, prepaid money cards, cell phones not having a place with “You” or without authorization of the proprietor of the previously mentioned instruments to make installments,

b. Mimicking someone else; or

c. Getting to another clients account without approval.

8. If there should arise an occurrence of end of “Your” account because of “Your” break of these Terms, “We” may hold the equilibrium in “Your” account whenever qualified for do as such work the finish of due legitimate interaction for alleviation of the extortion. This will be without bias to other legal procedures, “We” may start as per the fitting law presently in power in India.


“We” will attempt to finish any examinations and manage the reason for any suspension when practicable with regards to any legitimate or administrative commitments that “We” may have yet until that is finished, “We” may proceed with suspension or pick to close the record at “Our” sole attentiveness. “We” can likewise set up a suspension or close “Your” account whenever (as “We” may decide at “Our” circumspection).

13. Modifications and Alterations

  1. Fly Rummy claims all authority to adjust or alter these Terms at some random time without giving earlier notification to “You”. “Your” utilization of the site and additionally any Services offered comprises “Your” unlimited acknowledgment of these Terms.
  2. Fly Rummy claims all authority to suspend, add, adjust or cease any or all Services accessible on the site at “Our” sole circumspection whenever without giving “You” earlier notification.
  3. In such an occasion, “You” concur and recognize that “We” won’t cause any responsibility in such manner, either to “You” or any outsider.

14. Disclaimer and Indemnification

  1. Fly Rummy explicitly disavows all guarantees or states of any sort, express, inferred or legal, including without restriction the suggested guarantees of title, non-encroachment, merchantability, and readiness for a specific reason.
  2. The site and the Content present on it are given stringently on an ‘as is the place where is’ premise with any flaws or failings and any portrayal, guarantee, condition or assurance at all, communicated or inferred (counting, without constraint, any suggested guarantee of exactness, fulfillment, continuous arrangement, quality, merchantability, qualification for a specific reason or non-encroachment) is barred to the furthest reaches allowed by law. Fly Rummy doesn’t guarantee or ensure constant, blunder free, secure or infection free activity of the site or its substance including programming, games, “Your” account or proceeded with activity or accessibility of any office on the site.
  3. Moreover, Fly Rummy doesn’t guarantee or guarantee that “You” will actually want to get to “Your” account at whatever point “You” need. It is altogether conceivable that “You” will be unable to get to “Your” account or the Services now and again or for stretched out timeframes due to, yet not restricted to framework support and updates.
  4. “You” concur that “You” know that interest in the talent based contests coordinated by “Us” may bring about monetary misfortune to “You”. With full information on current realities and conditions encompassing the movement, “You” are intentionally taking an interest in such action and accept all accountability for and hazard coming about because of, “Your” cooperation, including all danger of monetary misfortune. “You” consent to reimburse and hold all Fly Rummy, its representatives, chiefs, officials, and specialists innocuous as for any cases and expenses related with “Your” utilization of the site.
  5. “You” recognize that “You” are exclusively answerable for any activity that emerges from “Your” cooperation and/or with utilization of the site, notwithstanding if happening previously, during or after the time of such use.
  6. To the degree allowed by law, and in thought for being permitted to get to the site, “You” thusly save, hold innocuous, release and delivery Fly Rummy from all responsibility, claims, reasons for activities, harms or requests of any sort and nature whatever that might emerge from or regarding “Your” use of the site.
  7. “You” perceive and recognize that Fly Rummy makes no ensures, guarantees, portrayals, or different guarantees identified with use of the site, and accepts no risk or obligation regarding any monetary misfortune that “You” may support because of interest in the Activity.
  8. “You” consent to expect the whole danger concerning the outcomes and execution of any product as well as games profited by “You” on our site as such outcome and execution in addition to other things relies upon “Your” Internet association and equipment. “You” additionally accept the whole expense of all adjusting, fix as well as amendment of “Your” equipment when “You” access, download or execute programming or games accessible on our site. Fly Rummy explicitly disavows obligation for any postponement or disappointment of “Your” PC or gear in execution coming about because of establishment of Fly Rummy games or programming on “Your” PC.
  9. Fly Rummy repudiates liability and obligation for any mischief coming about because of wiping out of competitions coordinated by it. In the event that “You” are a money player on our site, “You” recognize and concur that “You” won’t be discounted if there should be an occurrence of any help blackouts that might be brought about by disappointments of specialist co-ops, PC infections or foreign substances, or some other reason past the sensible control of all Fly Rummy.
  10. By no means (counting, without limit, in agreement, carelessness or other misdeed), will Fly Rummy be responsible for any circuitous, accidental, auxiliary, exceptional, reformatory or weighty harms emerging out of the utilization of or powerlessness to utilize our site regardless of whether “We” have been instructed or become mindful concerning the chance of such harms or misfortune or that such misfortune was predictable. “You” consent to reimburse “Us” against any cases in regard of any such matter. Fly Rummy responsibility to you will in no occasion surpass the charges paid by you for section into the game or competition regarding which such obligation emerged and additionally the measure of any financial prize that “You” may win upon due fulfillment of a game or competition.
  11. “You” explicitly recognize, concur and acknowledge that “We” are not obligated to “You” for:

a. disparaging, hostile or illicit direct of some other player or for anything that ends up being misdirecting, erroneous, slanderous, undermining, foul or

b. In any case illicit starting from another player or an outsider;

c. Any misfortune at all emerging from the maltreatment or abuse of “Your” account on “Our” site;

d. Any misfortune brought about in communicating data from or to “Us” or from or to “Our” site by the web or by other interfacing media;

e. any specialized disappointments, situation breakdowns, absconds, delays, interferences, controlled or ill-advised information transmission, misfortune or defilement of information or correspondences’ lines disappointment, dispersed disavowal of administration assaults, infections or whatever other antagonistic mechanical events that “You” endure emerging regarding “Your” admittance to or utilization of “Our” site;

f. The precision, fulfillment, or money of any data administrations gave or any insights displayed on the site;

12. Certain Services or occasions including competitions made accessible or coordinated on our site might require explicit authorization from legal or administrative bodies in India. Such Services or occasions will stand dropped or considered to be dropped if such authorization is denied or then again if such Services are subsequently taboo, regardless of whether previously or after such Services or occasions have initiated or have been finished. Such Services or occasions will likewise stand dropped whenever refused by any course of an able legal, authoritative or administrative position. In such an occasion, “You” will not be qualified for any harms, requests, discounts or claims of any nature.

a. “You” consent to repay, protect and hold Fly Rummy innocuous from all cases, harms and costs made by any outsider emerging out of “Your” content, or “Your” utilization of our site, “Your” association with our site, or

b. “Your” infringement for these Terms or Privacy Policy; or utilization of our site by some other individual getting to “Your” usernames or secret phrase, with or without “Your” approval.

.c. “We” as a shipper will be under no responsibility at all in regard of any misfortune or harm emerging straightforwardly or in a roundabout way out of the decrease of approval for any financial exchange, by virtue of the cardholder having surpassed as far as possible commonly concurred by “Us” with our getting bank every once in a while.

15. Governing Law; Dispute Resolution; Jurisdiction

The Terms will be administered and deciphered by, and understood as per the laws of India. All debates, contrasts, objections and so forth, will be dependent upon mediation under the (Indian) Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as corrected every now and then. The spot of mediation will be Hyderabad, Telangana, India and the language of discretion will be English. Intervention will be directed by a sole authority to be designated by Fly Rummy and the concerned Player.

Subject to the mediation arrangement over, all questions, grumblings, contrasts and so on will be dependent upon the selective purview of the courts at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

16. Disclaimer

Individuals from numerous wards access the web. “We” try to remain current with the laws in each locale; be that as it may, there might be occasions where, “We” don’t get quick updates for each such purview. If it’s not too much trouble, ensure that any exercises you connect with on the site are legitimate where you reside. “You” consent to repay and hold innocuous Fly Rummy from any case, request, harm, or misfortune including sensible lawyers’ charges, emerging out of “Your” resistance with the laws of “Your” ward.

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* Players from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam and Odisha are not allowed to play online rummy for prizes.

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